Give Me Everything

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DominicI would never have thought I could fall in love with a girl like Serena: smart, genuine, innocent. She's everything a man can dream of... And the only girl who is absolutely indifferent to my charm. She doesn't take me seriously, but that's not her fault. My reputation does not adorn me. And it's not like I can change in one night. But day after day I'll make her stop rejecting me and believe that my feelings are for real. Will she?
SerenaHe thinks I do not notice when he looks at me while we study. Or the way he touches me as if by accident. I noticed. And it's getting harder and harder for me to ignore him, especially when I start to feel something. I started falling for this playboy, so tough on the outside and so sensitive from the inside, after I got to know him better. But I know for sure that old habits are hard to get rid of. And my heart isn't steel, it's fragile. Will he be able to keep a promise? Or will he break me forever?
"Give Me Everything" is a sweet and steamy romance novel with no cliffhanger, no cheating and a Happily Ever After Guaranteed!

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