Intent to Have

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She's my business partner's daughter. A forbidden fruit I should never desire. Except I do.
Lauren Grant is a princess, practically American royalty, while I was a tramp digging my way to success.I know she should be with somebody else. I know I do not deserve her. But that doesn't make me want her less.I stalked her for months, trying to get rid of this obsession, but it only made me crave her more. That's when I tricked her into a one-week stay on a deserted island where no one interrupted us.Will it help me make her mine? Moreover, will she agree to be with me after finding the truth?
• Forced Proximity• Dad’s Best Friend• Insta-Everything• Extremely Spicy• Over-the-top Sweet
INTENT TO HAVE is a low-drama, feel-good, and very spicy romance novella between an older man and a curvy young woman. It is written in a dual point of view with no cheating, no cliffhanger, and a beautiful Happily Ever After GUARANTEED!

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