Kiss Me Again

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She's my sister's best friend; I always knew that she was off-limits and we could never be together.Until one night when I lost my mind and kissed her...Yeah, I know: what was I thinking, right?Since that day, everything changed. We stopped sharing secrets, we barely talked. Our years of friendship shattered into tiny pieces and I had no idea what to do.Until one day, when something happened, and we were forced to live under one roof for the next couple of weeks.This was my chance to fix everything. I was older now, wiser. I wouldn’t touch her, smell her, place her palm in mine...And, moreover, I would never let myself kiss her again.Do you believe me?
"Kiss Me Again" is a high school friends-to-lovers steamy romance novella with dual point of view; no cheating, no cliffhanger and a beautiful happily ever after GUARANTEED.

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