Love Always Wins

About the Book


LOVE ALWAYS WINS is a romance charity anthology in support of Ukrainian children in need. All royalties from this project will be donated to children's hospitals working in Ukraine.
In this book, you can find over TWENTY new novellas from your favorite authors: Kate J. Blake, Kate Tilney, Shaw Hart, Cameron Hart, Lana Dash, Vivian Mae, M.K. Moore, KL Fast, Darcy Rose, Daphne Elliot, Kelsie Calloway, Alana Winters, Tarin Lex, Nichole Rose, Remy Marie, C.G. Blaine, Mk Lypka, Lyndsay Marie, Kenner Alexander, Ryan Jones, Brittany Ann, Ember Davis and Erica S. Bernier.
Currently available in a paperback only.

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