Love Me Sweet

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Kendall"Your eyes are so blue, I'm gonna call you Sapphire," he said, smiling at me. It was my tenth birthday.
"What's that?" I asked, smiling in response.
"It's a jewel. My mom has a necklace with it. She says it's important to her and very expensive. I'm gonna call you that because you're important to me."
Those memories burst into my head like a tornado, without asking for permission. The memories I’ve tried so hard to forget but couldn't.
He hasn't called me that for years. Why is he doing it now? 
My closest friend, yet the worst enemy...
JoshWe used to be best friends, but then I ruined everything. And now she hates me, pretending otherwise when our parents are around. Because she's so damned kind that she doesn't want to upset them. And I keep pretending not to care.
Except that it's all a lie...
Yes, I ruined everything, but she doesn't know why. And she doesn't know I am ready to sacrifice everything I have in order to change that.
The only girl I hated, yet the only girl I ever loved...
"Love Me Sweet" is a new adult standalone novella with no cheating, no cliffhanger, and a beautiful happy ever after guaranteed!

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