One Month Only 

About the Book


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I’m a billionaire, I’m a chaser, I’m a wolf. I worked too hard to get where I am now, so I don’t need any distractions, especially the one called LOVE.
Don't get me wrong, I love women, but all I need to do to get laid is to show my Amex Black Card and let them hear my Italian accent and here we go: a one-night stand guaranteed.
Everything worked just fine for me until a chance meeting with her—Angelica Sorreno—when she came back into my life. She is like a strong, terrifying tsunami that blows everything in its way.
She asked me for help and I agreed, but only because we were friends, and not because I used to have feelings for her.
It’s just that…
I’ve made a mistake, a huge one: I’ve kissed her and now I don’t think I can let her go that easily.
One Month Only is the first book of the Tuscany Nights Series. Angie and Ricardo's story continues in One Month More.

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