The Devil's Weakness

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She's sweet, kind, and innocent. She's the opposite of me. But the second she enters my house, I already know that she belongs to me. She simply doesn't know it yet.
I've been waiting for all my long immortal life to find her, and now that I did, I will never let her go. My obsession with her grows with an incredible force every second, even though she wants nothing to do with me, trying to avoid my presence in any way she can.
One kiss in the woods is all it takes for me to claim her for the rest of her life. A vampire chooses his mate once and forever. Katie is mine forever. But she sees me only like a monster who kills and never looks back. To earn her trust, I have to open my soul for her. But if I tell her my weakness, will she believe me? And will she ever be able to love me back.
"The Devil's Weakness" is a steamy vampire romance with no cheating, no cliffhanger and a beautiful Happily Ever After Guaranteed!

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