Tuscany Nights

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RicardoMy life was perfect. I was reaching my goals one by one becoming more and more successful. Money was pouring in as if I was a damn King. Women were willing to do anything to please me.Everything worked just fine for me until a chance meeting with her—Angelica Sorreno—when she came back into my life.She asked me for help and I agreed, but only because we were friends, and not because I used to have feelings for her.Her charm doesn't work on me anymore. I know I'll stay unshakable like a rock.Will I?
AngelicaI never wanted to become an Italian billionaire's toy. I just needed help to save my company from bankruptcy. But sometimes you get even more than what you were asking for.Ricardo not only helped with his money and connections but also gave me the other kind of pleasures, the ones I never knew I needed.But he never promised me anything, and I never asked for more. There's only one problem: I think I have already fallen in love with him...
"Tuscany Nights" is a complete trilogy with no cheating, no cliffhanger, and a beautiful happy ever after guaranteed.

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